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Luvas Bioluminescentes (1995)


Luva Bioluminescente (Bioluminescent Glove) is composed by a flexible film, which is superficially covered with thermosensitive liquid crystals. When contacting with the human body heat, the material is therm activated thus altering its crystal configurating and transforming the termical body temperature as luminic energy.






7th International Design Competition


Ecocar (2005)


Vehicle powered by electric energy, whose power source comes from batteries placed on the chassis and charged by solar panels or, alternatively, by conventional household power. The electric motors are arranged on the axles of the wheels which allows choosing between 2x2 or 4x4 traction.

Cork House (2013)


Cork House is a minimum container which protect from heat and cold. Based on traditional construcion and ventilation methods, user comfort was privileged, given to the existence of economic constraints. Everything was thought in a economic, modular, recyclable way in order to adapt Cork House to the environement and its users.

Ser Simbiótico (1997)


The Homo Faber used instruments. The Homo Simbiotic use Bio Systems! Avoiding the traditional distance between man and object, natural and artificial, Bio Suit comunicates with the body expanding it and protecting it. It’s an interface system which use the energy of natural human resources and complete the sensitive and communicative capacities of the Humam Being.





LG Electronics Design Competition


Paulo Parra Design Copyright, 2014

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