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The Library-Chair born from two important concepts in the context

of everyday life of the European Commission’s President:

Reading and Mobility. When asked about his favourite subject, President Barroso said it was the book. Also added that he was traveling about 250 days a year.


From these two concepts, Reading and Mobility, was developed the Library-Chair project. It consists in two chairs, the lounge seat and the travel seat creating an environment that is ready to greet people and books and enabling readings.


Existing in a static and dynamic way, allows the use at home space the lounge version and at public space the travel version which is collapsible so it can be placed in a suitcase. Wood and leather materials were used associating with the reading support: the book!



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Trophy for the equestrian competition that pays tribute to Valerie Clarke, known for her importance in the international women horse riding. The trophy has a horse's head silhouette in gold metal, which is inserted in Holm Oak wood. This is a traditional tree of the Alentejo region where it was presented for the first time the trophy. The use of noble materials with simple geometries in contrast with sobriety seeks to be the element of distinction.




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