At Lisbon always arrived materials from around the world which were transformed in rare beauty and artistic quality parts in their workshops. Gold, silver and diamonds are the rarest but also ceramics, glass, wood, metal, leather and cork are exceptional materials that has always been part of this material universe.



OFICINAS DE LISBOA brand, intends to continue this tradition of artistic quality and technical production, offering design pieces, not abdicating its craft production, and trying to respect generally the natural characteristics of the materials in which they are built. Thus, the production retains all the natural value that its origins hold. Innovation with refinement and finishings with manual flavor are factors that we seek to set in the root of our products.



This turns them into major players in the living space. This articles incorporate and transmit in a unique way, sensory experiences that usually can only be achieved in direct contact with nature. This sensory universe should be a stimulating presence in new domestic environments and a concern for the XXI century design.



The Design Natural collection proposes a new approach to cork through multi-purpose and playful objects with national tradition references. Explores crafted techniques and new capabilities in this material and

uses design as a methodology that can articulate new content

in traditional materials.


This collection drifts from Sela Portuguesa, product developed by

Paulo Parra in 1996 which was displayed in Europe, America and Asia. Publicly presented at events such as the Primavera del Diseño (1999), Design Milan (2000), Saint-Etienne Biennale (2002), Beijing Design Week (2015) and invited to be integrated in the Portugal’s Pavilion at Expo Zaragoza (2008).



Cork and Leather


Cork and Leather sizes S, M and L



Cork and Leather


Cork and Leather belt or handl