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Silhoueta (1988)


Chair and table are a unique space, a dialogue between plan and line, Silhoueta (silhouette) limited by projections and plants. The curves appears spontaneosly, by request of human body, creating in simple materials small spots of light that give it volume.






Do Objecto à Arquitectura



Essencial (2001)


The structure assumes protagonism. Sitting space is defined by the polycarbonate sheet. The set defines the chair’s essential.

Suave (2009)


Suave (smooth) is a collection for exteriors, produced in tube and sheet metal meets a rigorous program of production and use, which highlighted its build quality, ease of use, comfort and technical features such as utilization at rest or meal, possibility to stacking and a contemporary language characeristic of ARCALO.

Cadeira-Sol (2014)


Sitting in the sun is a very embedded in Mediterranean culture act. Cadeira-Sol reflects the possibility of an object being made ​to cultivate this desire, exists in rocking chair or table chair.

Paulo Parra Design Copyright, 2014

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