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Walkhand (1989)


Sensuality is awake: Walkhand borns in hand and takes on its measures. Its structure is no longer the container’s geometric form but it approaches to the exterior, changing into skin: a moment to man-object interface.









Sony International Student

Design Competition



Morphos (1990)


Searching for an architecture of the body, the space and the time between this one and the object disappears, becoming more instantaneous and integrated. One has no longer to move himself to call but calls while moving. Overstepped the concept of volume, Morphos arises the concept of surface that shrinks and dilates, now closing into itself, then searching communication.

Pedalinho (1994)


This pedal is made of a single polypropylene injection molded piece which folds on itself and includes the spring to return it into position. Only one mold is required and material inputs were reduced by about one third. This solution was patented by SINGER.








Best Of IF 

Hannover Product Design Award


Sumo (1994)


Sumo (juice) squezees... Fruits.

Paulo Parra Design Copyright, 2014

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