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Coroa (2013)


Composed by Table Marker, Flatware, Napkin Rings and Candlestick, Coroa (crown) looking for a simple production with elements easily recognizable, responding to priority needs in tableware.

Sela Portuguesa (1996)


Sought to study a traditional construction with cork - the jar - and apply new funcitons - bench, container and coffee table - using only handicraft materials and productions. Natural seating, confortable, elastic, smooth, silent, light, perfumed... Ecological think, produce and use.

Cadeira-Biblioteca (2014)


Reading is an act of reflection and naturally it is associated to a state of rest: sit. The Library-Chair allows these two human activities, sit in an environment that is prepared to accommodate books and readings. It consists in a lounge seat, a travel seat, a small library fixed and other one movable, in which reading is the central element.







Invited by Art on Chairs to design a chair to European Comission's President.

R&S (2013)


Composed by Cruet, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Sugar Bowl and Corkscrew, R&S presents cylindrical and parallelepiped bodies which are based on flat bases.

Paulo Parra Design Copyright, 2014

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