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Isto não é uma colher (1994)


An inverted spoon houses a bulb. Illumination ready-made object projected for Loja Atalaia.

Luz (1988)


Searching a dialogue with the body, one awakes his manual sensivity, defining the presence of an object made to conquer darkness with synthesizing forms, multiplicity of functions and human scale.







Interieur 90' Design for Europe


Espiral (1992)


A dialogue between plan and line. Their curves appears spontaneously, creating in simple materials small spots of light that give it volume, by request of human body.







Interieur 92' Design for Europe


Pirilampo (2006)


Firefly is an illumination system with a solar energy fed accumulator. The idea is to produce a small object, user friendly and communicative, that stimulates people to use natural energy resources. The Firefly’s portability and versatility seek to simplify and promote its use.

Paulo Parra Design Copyright, 2014

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